Svayak Vodka Premium 700 mL



Almost every country produces vodka, but there is only one place in the world that has centuries of history of vodka production.

This territory is known as the Vodka Belt. It includes Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic countries, Poland, Finland and Sweden. Only these countries can produce vodka with a high level of authenticity and quality.

Luxury in Every Bottle

Our vodka transforms luxury into a tangible taste.
Our bottles’ unique design is aesthetically pleasing
We've gone to great lengths to create a design that's truly worthy of its contents.

Our Svayak vodka have been awarded 4 gold medals and 5 Superior Taste awards from International Spirits competitions.

Gold Medal International Spirits Competition 2013, London        

Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2014, USA 

Gold Medal Los Angeles International Spirits Competition 2019, USA 

Double Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018, USA

Gold Medal for Superior Taste Award 2016, Brussels, Belgium 

2 Gold Medals for Superior Taste - Superior Taste Award 2019, Brussels, Belgium


3 Gold Medals for Superior Taste - Superior Taste Award 2020, Brussels, Belgium 

Belarusian products have a unique taste. This taste cannot be compared with other similar products. Our vodka is made from the best wheat varieties, purest spring water, and all natural ingredients.

We use the old-fashioned distillation method, so multiple distillations are not necessary. This way, the drink has an extraordinary softness and aroma that will take your palette to new heights.

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