Svayak Vodka Your Comrade For All Seasons

Where is a my Svayak? Where can I find a friend, a comrade, a buddy?

A real friend is difficult to find. A buddy is possible to find with the right initial effort. Perhaps if you buy someone a shot of vodka at the bar, along with great conversation, you may have acquired for yourself a buddy.

A friend requires seasoning, through repeated interactions, over longer period of time, than that required for retaining a buddy or pal. A friend is gained through challenges, times of giving and a of need. A friend knows you and still wants to know you for who you really are.

Here comes the birth and emergence of a Svayak; a comrade for all seasons. A comrade is like an instant friend, established through common ancestry, common tribulations and a common sense of identity.

SVAYAK Vodka is a perfect comrade that can bridge the gap, between a stranger and a buddy or a pal; almost instantly. It is the ultimate 'ice-breaker', which goes great on iceSVAYAK Vodka is crisp, cool and really smooth. No burn, no aftertaste and no waste. Learn more about SVAYAK Vodka on our social media outlets: (Facebook/SVAYAK), (LinkedIN/SVAYAK), (Instagram/SvayakVodka).

SVAYAK Vodka is a new standard, in Spirits. Made from the finest European wheat and blended with puré European spring water. SVAYAK Vodka uses a five stage filtration process to ensure extra purity and freshness. There is perhaps no clearer or more smooth vodka on the planet. Try it and tell us for yourself. Our SVAYAK Vodka is: pure, simple, smooth and unpretentious. We are like an 'open book' for all to: see, experience, enjoy and share with a buddy, pal, comrade or friend.

SVAYAK Vodka is now debuting, at full force in the Jupiter area of Florida, in the United States of America. If you want to attend a complimentary tasting, then contact us on Facebook ( to book your space to become our Svayak, onsite, in real time. Come out, meet us and our Svayaks of like mind.

Let us know what it takes to become your Svayak. Let us know what it takes to become your buddy, pal or true friend. Let us know where you met your buddies, pals or friends. We welcome your authentic anecdotes, stories and reminiscent statements about times that you made a new acquaintance, buddy, pal or friend.

We raise a glass of our best to you. Be your best and share with us, without reservation. We make a toast to all of you that boast of having made a friend, buddy or pal, at the bar, while simply raising a glass to cheer on a celebration of a happy occasion.

Join the party today. Sign up for an upcoming tasting event in Florida, USA, on this link:


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