Svayak Botanical Vodka Always Among Friends

Svayak Botanical Vodka with an accentuated 'menthe' flavour. It contains a rich composition of spices and herbs. Rich taste and aroma based premium vodka, made from platinum filtered spring water.The taste is soft and balanced without any apparent dominance in taste. An aroma of anise and sage. 

Svayak Botanical Vodka contains 12 powerful and highly sought after herbs: anise, sage, cardamom, chamomile, juniper, nutmeg, ginger, asarum, cloves (anti-inflammatory), basil, Canada wild ginger, hazelwort, calamus root (great for digestion and pain relief).
Enjoy a Svayak Vodka twist, our signature premium alcoholic beverage, which can only be made the right way with premium Svayak Botanical Vodka. 
Benefits of Svayak Premium Botanical Vodka include; no burn when drinking and no aftertaste.
Svayak Vodka offers only a hint of refreshment. Be sure to drink at your leisure with no headache after drinking; hangover free. Svayak Vodka ensures that you drink with no regrets. 
Svayak Botanical Vodka contains a powerful mixture of carefully blended herbs including; 
Anise, Sage, Cardamom, Chamomile, Juniper, Nutmeg, Ginger, Asarum, Cloves, Basil, Wild Ginger Canada, Hazelwort and highly sought after and 'seemingly magical' Calamus Root.
Calamus Root or Sweet Myrtle
Calamus is a plant. The root (rhizome) is used to make medicine. Calamus Root has long been celebrated as a digestive aid that helps with healthy eating patterns.
Cardamom which is often available as a tea
The therapeutic properties of cardamom oil have found application in many traditional medicines; as an antiseptic and local anesthetic, and antioxidant; besides playing health-promoting and disease-preventing roles.
Cardamom Nutrition facts
Cardamom is a seed pod spice; recognized since ancient times and celebrated for centuries for its culinary, and medicinal properties. This aromatic spice is native to the evergreen rain forest of: southern Indian Kerala state. Cardamom is a well liked flavoring agent in food and drinks. 
Cloves Health Benefits
Cloves contain important antioxidants and provitamins. Carotene pigments can convert into vitamin A, an important nutrient for keeping your eyes healthy.
Some notable health benefits of cloves include:
Reduced Inflammation.
Cloves include multiple compounds that are linked to anti-inflammatory properties. Eugenol is the most important of these compounds. 
Fewer Free Radicals
Eugenol is also a potent antioxidant. Cloves are full of antioxidants. These compounds help your body to fight free radicals, which damage your cells and can lead to disease. 
Improved Liver Function
Cloves may also promote better liver function. Some trials have shown that the eugenol found in cloves can help reduce signs of liver cirrhosis and fatty liver disease. It may also improve general liver function.
Svayak Vodka is crafted from high quality and naturally occurring filtered spring water.
We use multiple filtration methods, including:
Ion exchange filter
Molecular filtration of water
Quartz sand
Birch charcoal
Platinum filter
Final filtering with platinum filters, gives Svayak Vodka an extraordinary noble and refined taste.
With special attention to detail and a deep respect for the tradition of producing authentic European vodka since 1872; we are delighted to bring you our pride and joy.
Svayak Royal Botanical Vodka and Svayak Royal Elite Vodka represents a new category of alcoholic beverages, in the world liquor market and places Svayak atop the world's premium vodkas. 
Svayak Botanical Vodka is a premium vodka; based on select unique grain spirits 'platinum', with the addition of various herbs and spices. 
Svayak Botanical Vodka contains a rich composition of superb spices and 'energy rich' herbs. Be prepared to experience a new flavor of freshness. Hints of mint flavour accentuated by tantalizing spices. 
Your tastebuds will tingle with delight, with each and every taste of Svayak Botanical Vodka.       
"Svayak is one of the 30 best-selling vodkas in the world", according to the Millionaires' Club, published by: the British magazine Drinks International. More than 1.3 million 9-litre cases were sold, in just the last year!
Our premium Svayak Vodka has been awarded 4 gold medals and 5 Superior Taste Awards, from multiple international Spirits competitions. 
Svayak is old-world style original, classic vodka, now with a 'twist of botanical burst of freshness'. 
This unique, premium taste cannot be compared to other vodkas.
Untainted, premium excellence in a bottle, just for you to savour. Or perhaps with a select group of friends? 
Svayak Vodka is expertly crafted, from the highest grade wheat varieties, enriched with the purest spring water, and spiced nicely with exotic herbs that dazzles the senses.
At Svayak Vodka, we utilize craftsman techniques that have been bestowed on expert distillers, throughout centuries. Svayak Vodka offers vodka connoisseurs, an extraordinary softness, coupled with an exotic aroma that will uplift your tastebuds, to new heights of refreshment. 
Enjoy Svayak Vodka Royal Botanical, by the bottle: 700ml for only: $14.95 USD. 
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